Welcome to Doubravsky Arab!

In the beautiful countryside of Central Europe in the Czech Republic, situated near the German border, lies the small village of Doubrava:
Doubrava comprises of 7 listed buildings originally constructed from the 18th and 19th century.

The village is an example of calm and serenity and every building is hand-painted in the style of the area , and protected and controlled by the  Czech National Trust. 


Although Doubrava is a perfect example of calm and a feeling of being close to nature, it lies less than half an hour from one of the famous “Spa” towns of Marienbad, Karlsbad(approx 40 mins) and Franzensbad each offering exeptional restaurants,  5 star Hotels, internationally recognised Golf courses, and casinos. Karlsbad hosts every year the “International Film Festival”, attracting promenent film drectors,producers, and actors from all over the world such as regular guests Sean Connery and  this year Robert Redford.

Within 10 minutes of Doubrava is the border town of Eger(Cheb) also with its famous marketplace offering theatre and music festivals on a regular basis: Eger is also expanding and becoming a shopping centre in its own right attrackting some of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe offering all buying opportunities.

The Stud farm of Doubrava, owned and managed by Mr. Juergen Schaefer, offers 2 self-contained farms, together with seperate holiday accomadation and 60 hectares of meadows and farming land: One of the most spectacular sights in Doubrava is the fact that the horses can go directly from thier stables into the pastures in the early mornings   The inside of the farm together with the stables has been renovated with much sensitivity and detail, the second farm is at this moment not renovated and is used for young horses in the winter as open boxes, however the 2nd farm itself has enormous potential for either a second stud , small land house hotel or holiday accomadation.


Doubrava has its own Museum attracting visitors on a regular basis form both Germany and the Czech Republic together with a restaurant renowned throughout the region for serving authentic Bohemian specialities. 

Doubravsky Arab prides itself on the breeding lines of the Arabian horse totaling 40 horses imported from the world Famous stud farms  Tersk and Krenovoe in Russia together with Janow Podlaski and Michlow in Poland, many of the brood mares represented are decended  from bloodlines that are coming very rare commodity in the international breeding programme of the Arabian Horse.

A well known representative of before mention bloodlines is the stallion Normativ - himself multiple show- and racewinner - Today, at the age of 22 years he is still the king of Doubravsky Arab and breeding several mares - Arabian and Warmbloods, mainly for performance.

In 2008 a new part of breeding history began at Doubravsky Arab. With the purchase of the black stallion Dubai Pasha - a son of Triple Crown Winner BJ Thee Mustafa, new bloodlines joined the breeding program to improve and strengthen the Arabian Type. He was already used before in the 2006 breeding season. After he produced outstanding results the decisission  to purchase him was not a very difficult one. Here at Doubravsky Arab we are looking forward to seeing more of his exceptional foals in the coming years.